Posted on 17th October, 2019


Well Autumn has truly arrived. Misty mornings, dark evenings and plenty of rain wreaks havoc with any established routine. To be honest I’m sure we’ve all arrived home after a day of work, college, shopping etc and thought ‘what the hell am I or we going to have for dinner’, yes even me. You’re tired or wet and thoughts of stopping for a takeaway are tempting because you know there’s not much in the house to cook. It’s a difficult time and sometimes I’m sure the takeaway wins but I hope that more often than not you gather up what’s left in fridge or cupboard and you knock up a great meal from not a lot of ingredients.


I know I rabbit on about keeping a few stand-by items in the cupboard, fridge and freezer but it really is worth it. How easy is it to cook a batch of rice? I often make enough for two evenings but make sure the second portion is completely cool before covering and putting in the fridge. What can we make to go with rice? An easy curry, dal is a simple favourite and there are many recipes out there, I’ll share my own soon. Or a veggie chilli, always a winner. Or an African Stew goes well with plain rice too.


If you keep the ubiquitous tinned tomatoes, tinned beans, stock cubes, spices and herbs you have the base for many recipes. The introduction of fresh or frozen vegetables to a spiced tomato base can become a pasta sauce, a curry sauce, a chilli sauce or even thinned down to make soup. The addition of different spices or herbs is all you need to convert a plain base into any of the above. Best of all none of these things will take long, no hours slaving over a hot pan and that’s got to be a good thing when all you want to do is eat.


For those people who’ve followed my food and garden ramblings will know this years harvest hasn’t been the best, in fact I’d say the beneficiaries of my labours have been the slugs and snails. No matter I’ve harvested some courgettes, a few patty-pan squashes and quite a lot of runner beans so the freezer isn’t as empty as I thought it might be.


Do you have any hints or tips to share? Your own easy to make vegetarian dinner, your fall-back recipe that always works? Do let me know through the comments on here or via Facebook or Twitter.


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