Waiting for summer, dodging the raindrops

Posted on 8th June, 2019


With the weather all over the place the garden doesn’t know what to do. While some things are growing like triffids others are languishing, either waiting for a bit of warmth or hoping for some rain. Well they’ve had rain by the bucketful these last few days so hopefully the sunshine will follow. This time last year I was cutting salad leaves, pulling radishes and almost picking strawberries but apart from a few sad radishes there’s nothing ready to harvest. Yes my natural impatience expects miracles but it is June after all. There are signs of things to come, a few mixed lettuce leaves, a few strawberries appearing, although weeks off ready yet. The raspberries may be good this year and the bees are happy as there of plenty of flowers on the canes to keep them happy. The plums look good this year, yield is dependant on good weather early on when it’s in blossom so there may be a glut of plum recipes later in the year. They’re also good to freeze if you have too many.


The flower borders are fairing better, huge voluptuous oriental poppies, delicate field poppies, blue geraniums, alchemilla mollis, campanula all bursting into flower, very pretty but we can’t eat those…


If the rain holds off this weekend I have sweetcorn to plant, the plants are nice and strong so I’m hoping for a cob or 2, remember if you’re tempted you need to plant them in a block as they’re wind pollinated. The potatoes are starting to show now but they’ve been slow too, the rocket has fallen foul of pigeons, I fear the 1st sowing will struggle now so I’ve sowed a 2nd row and will probably sow a 3rd later on to overwinter. I hope.


I’m looking forward to the real salad days of summer, the odd BBQ, foraging and camping trips to the wilds of Ynys Mon. I’ll endeavour to keep the blog updated with ideas and recipes but feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know about using leftovers, making something from nothing and growing your own veggies. Roll on summer.























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