Posted on 1st January, 2019

Finally it's here, 2019, with it's promise of a new you, new goals, new challenges, more money etc but wait a minute isn't this a little deja vu? Doesn't this remind you of 2018, 2017, 2016 etc etc? Well of course it does because despite our protestations that this year will be different to all those that have gone before we still conciously or subconsiously fall into the trap of promising to do things better, do things right, get thinner, like ourselves more, sign up (yet again) to the gym/swimming pool/pilates class (insert your own choice here). Does this ring a bell? OK so let's cut to the proverbial chase, if these promises to ourselves haven't come to fruition thus far why do we believe this year will be any different? Maybe last year ended well, you lost a few pounds, had that edgy haircut you promised yourself, walked/ran to work a few times a week instead of driving (a tick in the environmental as well as fitness box for you then) or maybe it ended as it had begun with a vague idea of eating healthier food, cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients more often but instead figuring you didn't have the time so you headed to the sandwich shop/takeaway/works canteen and filled up with over-processed food (because it's only one day isn't it so it can't be that bad?). 

I suggest that instead of making these mega-changes just make small incremental changes to our daily life. One less spoonful of sugar in our coffee, walking around your workplace for a few minutes rather than standing by the vending machine working out if a Mars bar has less points than a Crunchie. You could make a fresh soup to take with you instead of pouring boiling water into a Pot Noodle/slimmers instant soup cup, do a few yoga stretches while you catch up with the soaps/reality show, swap your takeaway coffee for a herbal tea (or a bog standard ordinary tea come to that-you'll save calories/points and cash), borrow your neighbours dog and walk off the work fug, make sure you always have simple, cheap ingredients in your store cupboard, a selection of fresh vegetables in the fridge. Don't resolve to never eat junk food again, it's too big a promise, but do stand back and ask a) can I afford to eat takeaway again tonight (both healthwise and moneywise) and b) can I whip up a tasty supper with what I have to hand instead? (clearly the answer is yes-be it a simple pasta with salsa verde or tomato sauce or even a straightforward rice dish).

I sincerely hope that 2019 will deliver your hopes and dreams but even if it doesn't I hope you will have make a few critical changes to your lifestyle that will deliver health and monetary benefits. Happy New Year-live long and prosper.

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