Posted on 2nd July, 2018

Phew the heat is on, and on, and be honest this 'heatwave' is playing havoc with both the garden and the kitchen. Crops sown in the Spring are at last coming into their own but it's a constant battle to keep some of them going. The radishes are doing well, rainbow chard is looking lush and at last the rocket is marching away from the nGlobe Artichokeever ending armies of slugs and snails. I'm watering, there's no option not too really, but we have large water butts and so far these are holding up (not sure for how much longer). The globe artichokes are looking fantastically structural too but I've faced the fact that OH isn't keen and it's a lot of work to prepare just for me so my plan is to let the globes flower, I believe they are pretty spectacular when they burst open. I'll harvest a few smaller ones but the bigger ones will be sacrificed for beauty. I'll post some more photos when the flowers emerge.


Salads of course are the go-to choice on blisteringly hot days but you don't need to stick to lettuce, tomato and cucumber play around with fresh young vegetables too. Young carrots add crisp sweetness, fresh uncooked cauliflower gives an interesting flavour and texture as does sliced radish or baby turnips. Instead of the ubiquitous cheese or hard boiled eggs, add drained chick peas or cannelini beans. Make up salad dressings using a good oil and wine/cider vinegar or lemon juice as the base. You can liven this up with a dash of spice, fresh herbs (finely chopped) a good dollop of Dijon mustard or a spoonful of wholegrain mustard. If all of these ingredients plus a pinch of salt and pepper are put into a clean jar with a lid you can shake them into a great dressing. I have mentioned this before so remember to hang onto a couple of jars when they're empty for this purpose.


Last but not least the raspberries seem to really enjoy this weather so there has been copious bowls of raspberries and cream to enjoy but also fresh raspberry ice-cream has made a regular appearance. More on that later.














I'm afraid that writing up all the recipes I've made since I last posted will be a job and a half but I'll be back in full swing soon I hope. Holidays, weekends away and life in general seems to have brought this particular creative endeavour to the doldrums but I'll be back. Take a tour around the recipes and blogs I've posted to date, add comments and suggestions but most of all make food prep a fun thing, get the kids involved, share food and gossip, share recipes and tips but most of all enjoy.





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