National Vegetarian Week

Posted on 15th May, 2018

It’s National Vegetarian Week from 14-20 May. I’m a bit late to the party because I’ve been gallivanting in Lebanon. This was a holiday with an idea of doing some food research at the same time and while we had some amazing authentic food I was saddened to find the cities, Beirut in particular, crawling with American fast-food joints. This was definitely to the detriment of  Lebanese food, partially because Beirut has a reputation for trendy eateries and fast-food is somehow seen as ‘cool’. However eating vegetarian, indeed eating vegan is pretty easy in Beirut and we sampled Manoushe, which is a flat bread covered in zaatar and rolled with vegetables, as well as great hummus, ful and some brilliantly fresh tabbouleh.


We sampled vegetarian Kibbeh in ‘Le Chef’ a long standing traditional café in Gammayze, Beirut. Owner was very keen we try them and they were lovely, definitely something to be tried at home. I’ll post recipes for all the great foods we sampled when I’ve done some experimenting soon.


Because the weather has suddenly heated up here in Wales I’m sad to say I’ve only managed to pick a few wild garlic leaves and flowers, I plan on making a pasta sauce so again when it’s tried and tested I’ll share it with you. In my absence the garden has exploded with weeds galore, some at least are edible so ‘jack by the hedge’ and ‘white dead-nettle’ have already featured in my kitchen but truth be told I’ve not had a chance to cook much since we’ve been home but hope to remedy that in the next few days.


In the meantime take a look at some of the recipes on here and experiment with some of the great fresh Spring vegetables that are now in the markets and shops.

Here are some links to enjoy and links to some of my recipes to get you started.

Pasta with spicy sauce


Quinoa Salad

Pulao Rice


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