Posted on 22nd April, 2018

Today, while searching for something completely different (wild garlic recipe ideas) I stumbled across a brilliant vegan food blog

The recipe that grabbed me, because of the recent arrival into my life of an ice-cream maker, was vegan ice cream based on coconut milk and fresh lemons.

Such a recipe had to be tried and because today was a bit confused weatherwise it seemed like a good idea to get cooking. I had coconut milk in the cupboard and fresh lemons in the fridge (hot days demand a gin & tonic don't they?) so it was a simple task to follow the recipe and see what happened. Well I have to say it was a great success, maybe more akin to lemon sorbet but nevertheless a lovely light finish to a meal.

The recipe suggests sieving the grated lemon zest but I didn't and I think it added to the zing.


The addition of spiced cookies makes a more substantial dessert, however let's be honest ice-cream and cookies is an anytime treat.


I really hope you'll give this a try and if you don't have an ice-cream machine then I suggest whisking the mixture, 

in a freezer friendly container, regularly to prevent large ice crystals forming. This would spoil the end result.


My advice is to look at simple ice-cream makers, mine was under £40.00 online, because it's a fun piece of equipment to have. I'm in the habit of making sure the bowl remains in the freezer so that if I find a great recipe, like this one, I'm ready to go.




I hope you have a go at this and take a look at the link to the website. Let Gloria know if you like her ideas, let me know if any of mine light your candle. Happy cooking.




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