The Great Ice-Cream Experiment

Posted on 10th January, 2018


The ice-cream maker has been sitting on the work-top unopened since the New Year dawned. Let’s say I’m not a big lover of kitchen gadgets but understand that sometimes it’s easier to use a mixer or a food processor but I never envisaged a day when I’d embrace an ice-cream machine. It’s not a sophisticated all singing, all dancing machine just the basic frozen bowl with a stirrer and timer but I suppose it’ll do the job.


Day one-read the instructions…well I didn’t and the first night’s effort was a spectacular fail. I poured the mixture in as instructed but failed to realise how quickly it would start to freeze, so when I fitted the motorised stirrer it wouldn’t turn as there was no room.


Day two I started again and all was well until I thought perhaps I’d put too much mixture into the bowl and part-way through decided to remove some. Fail! Once the stirrer had stopped it continued to freeze and I couldn’t restart it without causing a major catastrophe-namely breaking the machine before I’d got to grips with it. Trial and error…


Day three (no prizes for perseverance) I followed the instructions, put the timer on and left it alone to do its magic. Success!


Now there are copious recipes for making ice-cream and most of them start with a crème anglaise base, cream and whatever flavour is your favourite. Everything has to be cold before adding to the machine so rather than spend hours in the preparation whilst I was experimenting I decided to use ready-made custard. There are plenty to choose from in the various supermarkets but ideally it needs to be a good quality type. The one I used was already flavoured with Madagascan vanilla so I had a head-start. I added fresh cream, a little icing sugar, melted 70% dark chocolate and some chocolate shavings.


It works-the ice-cream texture is good, I decorated with a little grated chocolate and it was ready to serve. The whole process (as long as you don’t make a mess like I did) takes under an hour.


Next time I’ll make the base from scratch and let you know how it turns out but for this experiment let’s call this ‘Cheat’s Chocolate Ice-Cream’ maybe I’ll market it and make a fortune. Or maybe we’ll just eat it and enj oy.

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