Microgreens update

Posted on 20th November, 2017

Two weeks in and the rocket and the lettuce are doing well, the beetroot has germinated but I guess I'll need to sow many more seeds to get a reasonable micro harvest.


I'm pretty impatient and cut a few shoots last week to sprinkle over a frittata but today I cut a good tablespoon of rocket and lettuce micro-shoots and had them with houmous on oatcakes. The beauty of these tiny shoots is they pack a punch in flavour. Clearly the winner in the micro-harvest stakes is the rocket which is no surprise to me.


I'll be sowing more seeds soon but in a bigger container, the basil seeds failed but I'll try with parsley perhaps or mixed salad leaves. For a spike of green freshness it's worth a shot.


I hope you'll have a go.







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