Updating 'Experimenting with Microgreens'

Posted on 10th November, 2017

You know the feeling when a simple project works. On Sunday I sowed 4 small containers with leftover seeds, see my previous blog post, and on Tuesday there were already signs the rocket was sprouting. Oh rocket you never let me down :) Yesterday I took the covers off the rocket and the lettuce yesterday as they were clearly sprouting well and needed sight of the sun to green-up. The basil, as ever, is not doing anything, not sure why basil is so difficult to sprout but I never give up, and the beetroot seeds have tiny purple tendrils peeking out from their casings.


I hope you had a go, next week I'll sow more in bigger containers, might not bother with basil but will try parsley perhaps or coriander as I have seeds in the spice drawer, see the pictures below and marvel at how things just really want to grow. Looking forward to adding my microgreens to a salad in the near future. The photographs are from today, Friday, so you can see how far the project has come in only 5 days.






It's just a little bit of everyday magic. Happt sowing :D

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